Few (if any) visitors to your website yesterday?

It’s a problem many website owners have, so you’re not alone by any means.  I’ve produced this site to solve your problem for free.  That’s right, for nothing, all you need is just some of your time and I'll give you the right knowledge and tools.

Getting traffic to your site is all about promotion, but how do you promote a site when you don’t even know where to start or what's involved?

Well, first a little background:

Armed with some decent programming skills and a brand new site, I figured it was just a matter of time before I was rich. I was promoting a great product, and all people had to do was get to my site and get out their credit cards. In my naïve nature, I just thought, “It’s the Internet, people will find me, won’t they?”

Well, in reality, they won’t. You could have the best site there is, but if no one can find it, then it’s really useless. Sure, you can spend money to advertise on places such as Google Adwords, but it always amazes me how fast you can go through $100.  In one day.  Now, it may not seem like a lot, but multiply that by 30, and you’ve spent $3,000 for a month’s worth of Adwords.  Pretty scary, I didn’t have $3,000 to throw away on advertising for the month, and chances are you don’t either.

So, what’s left?  How do we promote our sites without spending every cent we would make from our proceeds?  The key is getting ranked naturally through the major search engines.  You know, the first page of ten listings for a specific phrase or keyword?  Imagine a first page Google listing for free, every day.  In fact, it’s what every site owner strives to achieve.  But if you have no idea how to accomplish this, that’s where I come in.  I’ve spent the last three years studying the search engines and have many test sites that I have devoted to experimenting with various search engine techniques.

This is the first real "true" handbook for getting traffic to my website. Getting traffic requires work, but this manual saves tons of time because it prevents you from making costly mistakes, both in time and in money.

Jenn Livingston

What I will tell you up front is everything that I’ve done to get all my sites ranked on the first page has been through white hat SEO only.  No black hat methods or trickery here.  I want my sites to be around for a very long time.

Every so often you find something on the Internet that is actually real and lives up to the level of expectation. I must say that your E-Book "Websitetrafficology.com" does this. I was also impressed with clean links - no hidden agendas.

Darlene Isberg

I put together a presentation to teach website owners and small businesses exactly what they need to know in order to rank high with the search engines and dramatically increase their visitor traffic.  This course is currently being taught locally where I live.  To take advantage of the course without attending a workshop, I’ve put together manual based on the course presentation, all you have to do is read it, and put it to good use.

Now let me tell you what you won’t find on this site:

BIG WORDS telling you, you have to "act now, because there are only limited quantities." How can a downloadable eBook be in limited quantities?

One of my favorites; “hurry before I come to my senses and raise the price”, so you wrote your book while you were out of your mind?

learn the secrets that the pros use to get massive traffic.” There's no secret, no magic formula, just good common sense and the right tools.


Yes, I’ve been bombarded with every make money online email that’s been written.  In my early studies, I paid for and downloaded everybody’s “secret to rank #1”.  Did some of these methods work?  Yes they did, but someone still needed to put it all together.  After years of frustration, I was able to develop out my own checklist for successful rankings.  Is it the only way?  Certainly not.  Does it work?  Absolutely!  Do I have high ranking sites with El Grando traffic?  Yes, I do!

So what makes this book different from every other traffic secret book out there now? Well, mine’s

FREE.....ZERO Dollars.....$0.00

Yep, you’ve got nothing to lose, no money to waste, just solid information to acquire and a desire to be on top.

I’ve also included a 30 day checklist, so you can break down what you need to do every single day.  And, don’t think you have to work eight hours every day on this—how does 45 minutes per day sound?

How badly do you want to see your site ranked on the first page of Google? The answer to that question will determine whether or not 45 minutes per day is a long time or a very short time.

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